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Progress a little

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Added lighting, fixed the stopping playback, fixed an error in the collision detection, fixed the collision detection itself (didn't need to do shelldetection luckily).

Then found out that there's special BREW interface for reading and writing files. So change most of the file operations to that, encountering a known bug in BREW in the process. Then started fiddling with the Resource Editor and .BAR file. Got most of that working, although I still need to move all assets into it. Since most of those assets are textures (currently in .TGA format which is too large) I decided to find out if BREW could load .PNG files. It turns out that yes it can, but getting them out of the API is quite a hassle. So I'll probably import my own loader anyway.

All in all I haven't done that much, but I'm poised to get everything ready as it should be for the deadline.

- models (high priority now)
- move resources to .BAR file (and fix the loading in the game)
- handling of the 'vehicle'

- menu system for more than a single track
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