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Cars, who needs 'em?

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It's gonna cost me GBP300 to put my car through it's MOT. Bah, that's GBP300 worth of cash I was going to treat myself with (tattoos, movies, snowboarding lessons, new version of Visual C++ when it's out, etc). I'm thinking, is having a car really worth it? I'm still paying off the loan I took out to buy it when I really did need it; now I've changed jobs it's just something of a convienience. I can drive to Asda rather than shop at Morrisons, I can drive down south to see my folks rather than spend 3 hours getting the train - I can drive to the better cinema rather than watch movies in a theatre full of Chavs. It really does make things somewhat nicer, but is the added expense worth it? So far this year I've spent at least the value of the car fixing it because of damage done by local chav kids and the poor quality of the roads in Leeds. I need a new suspension arm, it was fine before I bought it - the damage I know is caused by the random deep potholes in the inner city roads. Should I foot the bill because the council chooses to spend my taxes on housing 15 year old single mothers and people who decide not to work because they'd be better off on welfare? It's sad, but it's true. I don't earn a lot and have almost zero job satisfaction, makes me wonder - what's the point in trying when others get what you have and more by doing nothing.

Random bits
After that rant it's hard to think of something positive to end this journal entry on. I've not coded over the last couple of days because frankly, I can't focus on it. I've worked a bit on evoweb, my port of my web framework to ASP.NET. I must admit, the ASP.NET platform is a diamond if you're used to OO-coding. Those ASP programmers who were strictly procedural and inlined the code in the page will have a hard time making the switch, but for people like me it feels so intuitive it's almost natural. The best thing is that I can now contain my entire framework in a DLL and have a couple of aspx pages with no code to display things. I like the way I've separated out my layers, so much so that the aspx pages don't even contain HTML - all the design stuff is contained in XSL and CSS files. Perhaps I should write something about it - I'll do that after I've done some ASP for n00bs articles for CRX Games.
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