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Day 5 - Yay for Deadlines

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Stephen R


Well crap. I think I mentioned the game design \ creation competition a few days ago. Anyway, Dr Default and I entered it and have been working on it for the last five days. The competition is divided into two sections - desgin and creation and you don't have to enter creation to enter design. At the moment we have a fairly good design, we just have to get the last few details down on paper. The design is grand, no problem.

The creation is a completely different issue. I'd misread the competition details. The submission date is not January 17th, oh no that would have been too easy, oh no. I just checked it again today and its the 17th of freaking December! There is no way I can get the game playable in 3 weeks. It would be possible if I didn't have school but I do... and christmas tests.

[screams long and hard into the wind]

On a lighter note I'm almost finished the resource manager. Just one more function to do and the system is coded. There'll probably be a few bugs that I'll have to work out when I get around to using it but the majority of the work is done.

Anyway, I'm going to finish that function and then go beat myself into some kind of bloody pulp for being such an idiot. Wish me luck!
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