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I'm sat at work with little to do, so I broke out my copy of VB.Net and decided to play around with VSA. For those of you who don't know, VSA is Visual Studio for Applications, the next generation successor to Visual Basic for Applications. Being fully .NET, VSA is object oriented and can be implemented as any of the .NET languages with minor changes to the initialisation code. Any classes and types within the ported assembly are automatically available to the script. I can see a real use for this in games, at least when it comes to creating tools.

Little documentation
VSA falls down because there's very little documentation out there and almost no debugger support (except for exceptions). To me, that's screaming out for an indie project to write tutorials and come up with a debugger for the system. The reason for the lack of documentation is strange; Microsoft have licensed the technology to a third party and you need to buy the full SDK from them. MSDN has no real documentation about the system either, meaning that the only real source of information are the handful of articles around and a bit of hands-on experience. I've also been reading that VSA is obsolete in the 2005 documentation, but I am unable to confirm this nor talk about the replacement technology. It's a shame as I found VSA to be much friendlier than ICodeCompiler and the fairly brutal method of creating AppDomains and the like. I'm assuming that Microsoft will come up with a solution to merge the two, but I have no idea. I will make a post in the .NET forum about it.

Text Adventures
I've noticed a few people calling out for Text Adventure examples lately. Indeed, someone even started a topic requesting an article about the subject. A few months ago I created a really basic text adventure framework as an example for someone, I'm feeling inclined to work on it and start a small interactive workshop or something for the newbies to play with and learn C++. If anyone's interested, sign your name here :p
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