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Wheee, look what happened to me

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Ok this might be a long story, but I think it's worth telling.
This time I'm actually going to say the actual story (unlike every other post that I have on my journal)

So last night, after Maple being down for several hours, I finally decide that I'm going to play the Japanese version of MapleStory.
So, it took a while to download, but it's okay, I got it at the end, and it refused to start up. Simply told, they were lazy enough to not make the program completely unicode, so it actually required me to change the code page of the whole OS to play it.

That's fine, after 15 minutes of playing around, I finally managed to change my default language to Japanese and it made me have to reboot my computer. That's fine, I reboot.
This is where the major problem starts emerging. Obviously I have no clue that something failed during the reboot (just wait a bit more in the story to know what actually happened) so I get back on and I finally manage to play the JMS.

I'm not going to talk about the trouble of translating nexon.co.jp so that I can register an account, and me trying to find a fake Japanese postal code and address. So anyways, I start playing and level up rather quickly, things are going fine, and most of the text that's not English is in Katakana which is much much easier to read than their other 5 million types of characters.

After a bit of playing, I smell some plastic burning. First I ignore it, then it gets stronger. Me thinking that it's coming from the kitchen or something, go and search the entire house (it's 1 AM at this point) and don't smell the burning plastic anywhere. So I come back to my room and there's the smell!

Eek, so I check the temperature of the CPU, it looks just fine. Put my hand in front of the air coming from the case fan and it's not hot, then I put my hand in front of the air from the power supply fan and it's not hot either. So... go back to playing, it's probably from outside.
I play for 10 more mins and then the smell gets unbearable. I check the air from the fans again, and I finally realise... The air coming from the PSU fan isn't hot, in fact, there's no air blowing from it at all!

Yep, the fan failed to start again when I rebooted. So realising that it's the powersupply melting, I shut down my computer immediately and open it up. Ouch, the stuff inside of the PSU are burning hot, and the wires are half molten and all the glues and plastic in there are molten and dripped down on the boards. Terrible, but I managed to shutdown before it short circuits anything.

Now it's 1 AM and there's no way to buy a new PSU at this time. sigh. I wait until this morning to go buy a $75 powersupply that hopefully won't fail again.
This one has 2 fans on it, with a temperature sensor and fan speed control on the motherboard. This kind of thing shouldn't happen again.

Also, about a minute before my computer cam back on (and thus TA) MapleStory Global(English) was back online as well. So now we're all back to normal. And I'm back at work.
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How did you make your default language into Japanese?

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