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Late week

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Myopic Rhino


Weekly weigh-in: 237.0

I know it's retarded, but I'm a little disappointed that I only lost a pound last week. I didn't really eat more than I have been, and I've been exercising religiously, so I expected the 2-3 pounds I've been consistently losing every week for the past couple of months. But I think that my fat loss is having a hard time keeping up with muscle growth, so I can't complain. I also had a more accurate bodyfat test done, and I'm at 26%. I'm going to start doing that monthly, since I think it's a better indicator of the progress I've made.

I'm late posting this week because I was in the hospital from Sunday night until Monday evening. I was there for a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea. I won't know the results for a little while, but I will say that the sleep study was miserable. I know that sleeping doesn't sound too tough, but try it some time with over a dozen electrodes taped to your head.

I mentioned that last week, our company did a big presentation for investors/analysts in London, and that I've been busy working on some demos for the presentation. Some of the key demos were games developed by outside game developers, that we were supporting here in our lab (optimizing, fixing bugs, etc.) Here's a shot of one of the games we showed:

It's a port of EA's Need For Speed: Underground 2. We showed 2 other games from Gameloft and Hudson Soft, which due to unfortunate circumstances were also racing games. But all of the games look great (the screenshot doesn't do NFS justice), and play really well on our demo phones. The attendees at the meeting were blown away. Although we had demos for many other phone features (e.g. GPS, camera, video), the games stole the show. Not that that was a surprise to me.

Finally, here's my familiar:

I didn't put him up there. He climbs up on his own while I'm at my computer. Usually he's facing the other way, watching what I'm doing.
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That's not a familiar. That's clearly your daemon.

(obscure reference courtesy of Phil Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy)

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