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I'm at work and I have nothing to do... especially since I start my vacation tomorry. Well, I still need to come in two days next week, but that's not bad.

I got a new book:

3D Game Engine Programming by Stefan Zerbst.

I no longer buy these books to read them in their entirety, I just got them to read a few interesting chapters and as reference when I'm stuck on some problem. But I'll at least skim through most of the chapters and read anything interesting. I also like to support game development authors whenever I can, they are usually people who not only have a full time job, but they make the time to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of us. Knowing what it's like working in this industry, I know how valuable free time really is now.

Not much else going on, turkey day is upon us, I'll probably spend a good amount of this weekend doing some research programming, writing a couple of shaders, or maybe setting up a little client/server app, I've always wanted to play with networking programming, but until now I had been too busy.

Anyway, I think it's check out time.

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I too just skim through books and then shelve them for reference. The hard part, however, is coming across a problem and forgetting which book has it where :) Also, there are techniques in these books I read and say - oooh I'll prob use that later on - and then forget about them [smile] doh...

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