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Radical Racers is comming...maybe

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So I was finally working a little on Radical Racers today and in addition to my usual add a track or two, I actually touched the code. Now for a while I've been debating on if I should add RR to the GDNet Showcase or not, with good reasons for both. See, RR is my "first game", and by that I mean it is the first game I've made in C++ except for an ASCII based Tic-Tac-Toe and RR's father: "bmptest". Why is this a problem? Because all the graphics code and most of the rest of the code is about 3 years old, done just after leaning C++, and is therefore not only not very representative of what I can do now, it's full of bugs and memory leaks.

However, I have put a lot of work into this game, I've probably spent nearly as much time designing cars, tracks, graphics, sound, and music as I have actually coding the thing, and it would be a shame to see that all go to waste.

What I did tonight was change it so that you can now backspace while entering your name (don't know why I didn't have this to begin with) and add spaces to your name as well, both minor annoyances. The big thing that I changed is that Windows no longer thinks "it has performed an illegal operation and must terminate" when you exit the game. However it was a quick fix and means there is even more memory being leaked, however Windows is pretty good about taking care of that. :(

The only 'major' bug I have found in the game is if you play long enough (40 races or so? Can't remember) it will crash. Not a major crash, it actually just exits the game fairly gracefully, but still not something I want to happen. I attribute this to some hidden memory leak in some of the older code, I have no idea how to track it down and I'm sure it would involve recoding half the game to fix, not something I feel like doing for this project. This isn't the end of the world either, really, because it always crashes right before a race is started, meaning the game has just autosaved and nothing is lost.

Now I'm pretty sure I can call the code done, there's nothing else I really want to add, just stuff I want to fix which I doubt I'll ever find. So now all I have to do is continue to make races and (maybe) more cars and it will finally be done. To actually finish it will really be a big weight off my shoulders, I have a horrible history of starting things and not finishing (you should see how many QBasic games I've started), so I always said I would finish Radical Racers, that I needed to, and now it looks like I'll be able to, I just don't know if I'll be able to (or should) share it with the rest of the world :(.
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