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And I mean World of Warcraft, not [wow].

I bought this first day, and aside from the odd server problem that seems to have evaporated, I'm loving it. If anyone wants to party up, my main characters right now seem to be a male DE Hunter named Trial on Whisperwind (Central Normal), and a female DE Druid named Shii on Shadow Moon (Eastern PvP).

Needless to say, work has slowed to a crawl. I did finally do work for the church on Monday, working a fundraiser. I was behind the espresso bar, and also served as an extra pair of hands for some of the cleaning up. We've got some cool holiday drinks; the Gingerbread Latte is friggin' awesome. [cool]

I also did something for TMS which I'd been meaning to do for a while; make the sprites bigger. Like, area-wise, when rendering. TMS has massive reach, and 130x100 sprites weren't cutting it. [smile] The animation file is huge, but Bola will soon have functionality that trims down the fat on the sides, and also corrects the offsets for the new sizes. It was actually crashing a bit as I tried to add these new sprites. Not sure why. Not sure I want to spend time trying to fix it when it works well enough as is. Last time I worked on Bola, work on TMS stopped.

Aw, who am I fooling. WoW is here. Work on TMS has already pretty much stopped. [grin] Just kidding; I'll keep working on it. Saturday is still treated as a work day, especially ...
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No entries since November! :( Boo!

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