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Gonna volunteer

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A bit of a departure from the past few days. A fellow game developer mentioned to me that people who volunteer for 22 hours of work at the CGDC get a free giga-pass. They've also got special room-rates in exchange for indentured servitude. How could I resist? I couple of hours later, I had a discount tickets on the redeye flight to LAX and was signed up as a volunteer.

After deciding to do this, I figured I'd need to put together a set of games that I could pass out to potential publishers at the CGDC. I'm working on a new main menu that'll pull the games together much more nicely than the old one. I've also gotta put together a new install program. With a few late nights, I can probably have the set good enough to burn on a dozen CD's within a week or two. I'll also need to write a short treatment, but that shouldn't be much of a problem. After all, I've got a buncha games done. It's not like I've just got a demo.

So far, the menu's coming around well. Instead of having the game info hard-coded into the menu program, it now pulls the game info out of the games themselves. That'll make it easy to add new programs to the menu by simply putting 'em in the menu's directory. It also looks much nicer --not like discount software.

Wish me luck. Hopefully I can interest a publisher or two. If anyone reading this wants an evaluation copy of my games, look for me tallest guy volunteering at the CGDC and ask for a copy!
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