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Off to Long Beach!

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Well, I'm taking the redeye to Long Beach tonight. I'll be arriving in sunny CA at about 3 AM, so I'll be nice and fresh for my indentured servitude at CGDC.

I put together 10 press kits to pass out to hopeful publishers. I pressed CD's with the existing games (they'll time out on 6/15). Shelly printed up four pages of nice screen shots for me, and we've got a short treatment ready. I purchased some handsome teal folders and some printer-ready business cards, and I'm ready for some shmoozing!

The main menu's not perfect, but it's working well enough to show off. I fixed as many bugs as I could find. I also finished the install program, which leads to. . .

[rant mode on]
Software companies need to learn something about scoping!

This install was the first time I used InstallShield since around 1992. The 1992 InstallShield (used to make the LANWords installation) was quite simple. It consisted of two command-line tools, a ZIP-like utility that would compress your files together, and a compiler that would compile a high-level script language into an executable install. All you had to do was to modify one of the example scripts and write a couple of batch files, and you were done.

The new InstallShield is basically the same tool, but it's no longer command-line and is now, IMHO, hopelessly mired in wizards and other UI nonsense. Instead of a buncha example scripts to modify, there is now a tool where you specify your requirements, and it builds a script for you.

Having many example scripts was actually much handier, as I could figure out how stuff is done just by running 'em. The new example scripts are now a hodgepodge of mini-examples in a help file. You can't run 'em, so you don't know how they'll work until you pull them into your own project.

All in all, it smacks of the episode of "The Simpsons" where Homer was allowed to design his own car. . .
[rant mode off]

OK, I feel better now. Hopefully one of my associates will be providing an update or two during next week.
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