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Automated updates

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Just a couple of quick notes today. I finally found an automated website updater that I like. You know, one of those programs that'll automatically update a web site via FTP, synchronizing it with a local directory on your page-drawing machine. I run 3 web pages, so this is a long-overdue utility for me. Microsoft gives one away with IE4, but I never got it to work right. Well, I found a free one that works in PSU. It's a command-line tool that uses a script language. The script has about 5 verbs, so it's not too tough to use.

On another note, I'm currently migrating my pages from ATrax to MS FrontPage, so things might look slightly different in the future. Atrax is neat, but it's a bit slow, and it does a few little annoying things. FrontPage, from my limited experience, is quite impressive.
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