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Arcade Poker's Done

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Arcade Poker is basically done, and Shelly's claiming that it's one of the better ones in the set. We'll see. I'm probably gonna spend today putting sound-support into some of the recent stuff I've written. I usually forget to put all of the zany beeps and clicks into the games, and I end up having to scramble at the end. I'm gonna make sure that's not gonna happen this time!

I haven't gotten any comments stating that my pages look horrible using [insert browser name here], so I'm gonna assume that everything's working as normal.

Talked to the devgames webmeister (OK, email) over the weekend. Turns out that the developer diaries are the most-read feature on his site, and I'm just musing as to what make's 'em popular. It can't be because of any technical knowledge I'm passing along, because I really haven't. Is it just that folks like to get a peek on someone else's development process? Perhaps it's just interesting in a "programmer in a fishbowl" fashion, ala Jennicam. Any ideas or musings? Do I need to put a camera in here with real-time updates?

Interestingly enough, I've gotten several questions in the past weeks asking if I have any plans to make larger-format games someday. I must say that the answer is "I don't know". Frankly, I think that small-format games are always gonna be around --when "Risk" was invented, it didn't kill off the market for Checkers. I prefer playing small games over big ones. If anything, I'd like to have the luxury of being able to put out one 10-game pack every three years, but those games would be absolutely top-notch --original well-tested designs with professionally designed graphics, sound, etc. I've certainly got the code-foundation to do such a thing, I just don't know if I could ever make it financially feasible.

Maybe someday. . .
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