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Shi Sen

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Oops! Got going in so many directions that the diary took a back-seat. Here's a late-breaking update.

Yes indeed, I was chosen as Gamasutra's Geek of the Week, starting today. I figured "what the hell, it'll get my name out there", so I filled out the application. Haven't gotten much feedback so far. We'll see. To answer Mr. Munsch's question, yes, my mom is indeed proud! She's a little weirded out by the whole Shatner thing, but she likes the game programming stuff I've done.

On the games front, Invaders from Beyond! is basically done. I'll probably add a few more tweaks here and there, but it's not a bad little game. I'm worried right now that it's not difficult enough. It clobbers me, but will it be able to clobber those little kids who managed to beat Super Mario Brothers? Only time will tell!

In the time since finishing Invaders, I made good progress on Shi Sen. It's similar to those solitaire Mah Jongg tile-removing games, but the rules are a bit different. I've basically got the thing playable now. If it's any indication of success, my wife now plays it in the mornings instead of Windows Solitaire. I guess that's a good sign :) I'll try to have a screen shot up and the latest games on my Code Zone web page before long.

I've gotta do some work on the graphics before Shi Sen will be ready. I'll need to draw up some Mah Jonggish tiles. I don't use the suits or numbers from the tiles, so any place I can find 36 similar pictures will work just fine. I already made a tile set from the cartoon characters in SpriteLib, and I made one out of colorful numbers. So far, I like the numbers best.
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