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The Code Zone Trading Post is open!

Well, it seems that I'm getting quite an accumulation of stuff that I'm not using. Lots of it is free stuff that I got at the CGDC, and I have no use for. Some of it is stuff that I got mailed to me, and I'm still not sure why. Some of it is just stuff that I'm not using anymore.

I don't want cash! This is a trading post, and I wanna trade! The following items are preferred as trade-bait:

If you're a game-writer, I'd go for copies of your products.

If you're a tool-maker, a copy of the tool your company produces.

An interview with your uncle/cousin/pal, who happens to be the buyer for a publisher, or the buyer for Wal Mart's software section (I'm reaching here, but you never know).

Old copies of Games magazine. I'm trying to get the entire set, and I'm about 70% there. If you have any, let me know, and I'll tell you if I've got 'em.

Your old Voodoo card, provided that you're upgrading to something fancier like a Voodoo 2.

Royalty-free MIDI files :)

That being said, here's my trade-bait:

A Diamond Stealth II G460 graphics card. This is the newest version of the card that uses the Intel i740 chip. It requires the AGX bus, so I've never been able to use it. Supposedly it's quite fast and good. I've heard that speed's comparable to the Voodoo 2. It does come with full DirectX and OpenGL drivers, and DirectX 6 supports it.

A MadCatz "Panther Optimized 3D Gaming Controlball". It's basically one of those trackballs that ordinarily replaces the mouse, but this one's hooks up to the joystick port. It's meant to be daisy-chained to an existing joystick. I imagine it'd make a cool throttle for a flight-simulator. It's black with a dark-red ball. Kinda cool looking, but I don't have much use for it.

A Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro Plus joystick. An associate told me that this is the latter model, that added the ability to rotate the stick slightly (a feature added for those MechWarrior games). It's an awfully nice joystick, but I don't really use it.

The entire print-run of Windows Tech Journal, which ran from May 1992 until January 1998. It was a magazine dedicated to supporting Windows programming, centering more on the beginning programmer. It wasn't a great magazine, but it had a load of good articles for beginners. It also covered VB and some Delphi. I offered to donate 'em to my local library, but they weren't interested in such an obscure title. If you know of a library or foundation that might be interested, lemme know.

A CD-ROM of conference-notes for the 1997 CGDC.

An HP DeskJet Plus printer. I bought this printer back in 1989 when I was in college. It was my workhorse printer until about a year ago when I bought one of those Brother MFC polyglot laser-office thingies. It's a nice little printer, good for small print-jobs. Windows still supports it, and ink is still readily available for it. It's got the Times Roman font cartridge, but that's only important if you're printing from DOS.

The four-book The World of Mathematics collection. Subtitled, A Small Library of the Literature of Mathematics, from A'h-mose' the Scribe to Albert Einstein, this is a four-volume hardcover collection of interesting mathematical essays. The essays are quite readable and are well-chosen. I just haven't read 'em in quite a while. This collection was published by Tempus Books, shortly before they were purchased by Microsoft. MS re-released the collection in paperback, but I don't think it's in print anymore. A real collector's item. I'm still wobbly as to whether or not I'll trade these, as they probably should go to a library.

As an added bonus, the first few folks who trade will receive a complimentary Gamasutra key-chain, taken from the CGDC and taking up space on my desk. I've also got a pile of Magic: The Gathering cards, but I've got a friend who wants to try to sell those on Ebay.

If you wanna email me, just click on the fly-head on the bottom of the screen. Let the horse-trading begin!
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