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Copyrights and cheesy sci-fi movies

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Still doing housekeeping. Updating the copyrights everywhere. Because of this, I must give another plug to PFE (mentioned in my "Tool Chest") links. Using PFE, I was able to load up all of my source files (about 70), update the copyrights, and save the files back out. I could've done it with the Visual C++ editor, but it would've been a lot slower. One thing that PFE does that I really like is that the search-n-replace dialogs are modeless. I still don't know why they don't do that in the VC++ editor.

I finally got the "about" box updated. Since I'm a flake and can never decide on a proper logo for The Code Zone, the dialog box just shows you one of three logos at random. OK, they're not really logos, they're just clipart, but they're awfully cute. I've got a laser-pistol, a 40's-era rocket-ship, and a really cheesy-looking space alien. I'm a big fan of the old 1963 movie, The Green Slime, and the alien looks a lot like the slime-creatures from the movie. My monster, however, is lime green, while the electricity-sparking critters from The Green Slime were more of a tasteful forest green.

Which brings me to a completely unrelated question: Exactly when did space-movies stop being cheesy-looking? It was some time between 1963 and 1968, but I've gotta pin the time down better. In 1963, there was The Green Slime, which is horribly silly-looking. In 1969, there was 2001, A Space Odyssey, which still looks good today.

Of course, Flash Gordon came out in 1980, but that was intentionally cheesy-looking, so it doesn't count.

Back on a relevant topic, it looks like somebody's claimed the Microsoft joystick from the trading post. More on that later.
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