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Leveling up?

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I haven't leveled up for almost a week now. Thanks to my schedule of playing only 1.5-2 hours a day, mostly chatting, and May Pullo being down and my PSU burning and such.

In the meanwhile, Michalson didn't hit his target of level 30 by friday either.
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Certain people can't get into Maple for various reasons. A few people have pointed out that these people tend to be from the U.S.

Maple Story: Americans Not Welcome.

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Hey, I'm 28 now, and I'll be 29 or really close to it before I log off tonight. About 460,000 XP since last Saturday afternoon ain't that bad. Considering Maple was down for a day, technically I'll still more or less make the goal of going from new account to 2nd job in just 7 days.

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My account is still in limbo. 219-08439 hours down the drain then.

... wait.. that isn't even a real number!! It's like pi, except without the whipped cream (what's up with THAT, anyway?) Speaking of pie, I just had an excellent piece of blueberry pi, and strongly recommend you all go out and eat some 3 (as the Japanese like to call it).

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