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Space War Correction

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First, a correction. The SpaceWar arcade game was not the PDP version. It was actually a clone by Larry Rosenthal at Cinematronics, and it was called Space Wars. Thanks to James Hague at The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers for setting me straight.

I actually got a couple of emails from yesterday's entry. Someday, I hope to have a discussion forum hooked up to this page, so we can discuss stuff out in the open. Who knows, maybe someday this thing will evolve into the web's one-stop shop for small format computer game development info.

Hey, stranger things have happened!

Release Candidate 1 of the "The game pack formerly known as The Quintessential Games" will be ready tonight. There's no chance that it'll actually be mastered, but it certainly is nice to be at this stage of the game. While shopping yesterday, I noticed that GT Interactive just released a Playstation game called "Invasion from Beyond!", which sounds an awful lot like my own "Invaders from Beyond!". Everyone agreed that it likely wouldn't be a problem, but I'm changing the name to "Invaders from Neptune!" just to be safe.

Big kudos to Geoff Howland for holding his own against the folks who are trying to morally justify software theft. Too many people nowadays place no value on time, thinking that items should be priced solely based on the cost of materials, not realizing that following such a precept reduces us all to the level of savages. I just hope the kEwL wArEz DoOdz don't make his life difficult.

Once again, I am being honored as the impressive industry giant that I am. If you'll recall, I got an letter a couple of months ago from "The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences", that wanted me to help them vote for "computing's equivalent of the Oscars". . .for $100.

This time, I'm being considered for inclusion in "Who's Who of Information Technology". I've just gotta send in a card with my latest info, and they'll consider me for the honor. I'll probably send it in, just to see if I'm enough of an irresistible force in this industry to rate such an honor. Of course, if I'm selected for a listing, and I'm allowed to buy the book for $49.95, I'll truly know what a force I am :)

If I don't get another chance to say it, happy new year to all!
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