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Hey, how about I actually talk about my project for a bit :)

I'm getting ready to send out Release Candidate 2 to the publisher. I've fixed a few bugs, mostly internal stuff that the user wouldn't notice. I also removed a couple more references to "Quintessential Games" that I missed. I'm gonna miss the name, but my publisher would prefer not to use obscure terms like "Quintessential", a fact that makes me saturnine.

Once again, kudos to the Neolite folks for working with me. Their EXE-compression product was nice, but it wasn't perfect. For one, their command-line interface still required user interaction to dismiss the program when it was complete. Working with them, they added a couple of new command-line parameters that make the program work perfectly in a batch file (which is important if you need to compress 53 separate files). They also had a bug that was causing their program to choke on my big resource-heavy 3 meg runtime DLL. After emailing my DLL to 'em for testing, they figured out the problem and eventually sent me a fixed version. My big DLL is now a comparatively puny 850k, and the total installed size of the package has shrunk by 3 meg.
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