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Much fat pipe (heh heh)

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Just got myself a fat pipe installed to my internet machine, specifically, a cable modem. From now on, email me at john@thecodezone.com. Things are a bit of pain right now, as I've got file sharing shut off to my internet machine. As soon as I figure out how to set up some security for my little personal network, I'll reconnect it.

I got a frightening example of the importance of security with full-time internet connections. Just to check it out, I opened the Network Neighborhood on my machine, and I was suddenly looking at other people's machines! Most had their networks were properly blocked from access, but one person's machine wasn't. I was able to browse his hard drive and attach to his printer. I decided to do the most innocuous thing I could do, and I printed a warning message to his printer.

Anyone know the secrets of being able to share files over my local network without handing 'em over to folks on the internet? I could password-protect every network resource, but that'll be a hassle to use. It appears that I can make up a list of machines that are allowed to access particular resources, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?

Got my plane tickets to San Jose. I actually was able to find a reasonable price directly to San Jose without having to fly to San Francisco and take the shuttle bus the rest of the way. Still looking for a place to stay --I'll probably end up doing the dorm thing.

Just for fun, I've decided to experiment. Since I don't have any cohorts for this outing to the GDC, I'm putting together an interesting new way to meet people. If any of my diary readers (that's you) manage to flag me down at the GDC, I will give you a free copy of my latest game-pack!

Trust me, I won't be that hard to miss. I'm 6'7" tall, and I'll be wearing a volunteer T-shirt most of the time. There's a photo of my mug here.

Got a dilemma right now. I've got one more bug, but it's so monumentally trivial that it's probably not worth making up another release candidate about. Under Tic Tac Toe 3D, the "tips" section of the game rules has a half-sentence. Hopefully I'll find a couple of show-stoppers so I can justify sending a fix to the publisher :)
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