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Too much mangling!

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Since playing with the STL, I've discovered a fun new game called "fun with C++ name-mangling".

I embedded an STL component within an STL component today, using the standard allocators. It was a simple array of strings. . .

vector Args;

By the time Visual C++ was done with it, Args was of the type. . .





Such is the price we pay for type-safety. Actually, Visual C++ does a great job of hiding C++ mangled names. Unfortunately, the mangled name bumped into the 256-character limit of declarations, so it started throwing up warnings about it.

Way back when, at the early days of Tandy, we had to learn to decipher mangled names. Early C++ compilers and debuggers did a pretty poor job of putting mangled names back into C++ format. Of course, things were much simpler, then. Nested classes were about the worst you could expect.
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