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Expert goes bye-bye

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Well, I just got the news that my old publisher has been bought up by Activision. Not surprisingly, I found out almost a week after the fact from a news site. Apart from quarterly checks, I haven't had any contact with them in over a year.

Now it's just a waiting-game to see what happens to my games. My games are still making money, which is a good thing. It's just a question of whether or not Activision is going to keep Expert on its current keel or if they're gonna remake Expert as Activision's clearinghouse division. Expert had been losing money recently, but it seems that the losses were more due to ambitious projects that weren't too profitable, like the McDonald's games. Surprisingly, that small-developer discount-rack stuff that you make fun of (don't look at me like that, I've seen you do it) actually makes good money for them.

Just to experiment, I'm doing the page today using Symantec Visual Page. It came as a free bonus with Norton SystemWorks. So far, I like it. The HTML editor isn't as full-featured, but the project-manager is ten times faster and doesn't require a web server installed on your machine. The editor also is much faster.

Leaving for the GDC on Saturday night. If anyone wants to get together for lunch or something, lemme know.
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