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Back to the old grind

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Back to the old grind. I've got a really good idea what my next project is, and I'm currently working on a really simple level-builder and test environment for it. Things are looking pretty good.

So far, I'm pretty happy with wxWindows. I figured it was time to move on, given that my old German class library was officially dropped in 1994. wxWindows isn't commercial, but it's open source, free, and mailing-list support is certainly better than none at all. My only beef with wxWindows so far is that it uses MFC-like message-cracking macros, which cause stress to every object-oriented bone in my body. They did, however, have a reason to do it, and it's only for the outer GUI stuff. Once I get that done, I won't have to revisit it too often. Their graphics support is above-average, but it still appears like I'm gonna have to write some stuff to make it work the way it should :)

FWIW, wxWindows does have some very nice additions, like self-adjusting child windows, and GIF/JPG/XPM support. It's close enough to my old system, though, that I'm not having to do much re-learning.

I'm also mulling over the possibility of writing some small game-pack style games while I'm working on the bigger project. Porting my existing game objects (Card, PlayingBoard, PlayingPiece, HighScoreTable, etc) to wxWindows shouldn't be much of a chore, I'm pretty good at churning those things out, and people sure like 'em!

Hey, you go with what works!

Finally, yes, I realize that I'm being a creep by not announcing who my publisher is and where the games will be, but I'd like to err on the side of caution. Suffice it to say that you should be able to find 'em soon.
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