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I'm on the shelves!

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I'm on the shelves!

That's right folks, a scant four days after getting the retail boxes in the mail, I spied my products on the shelf! I was in Target, buying a couple of new lampshades for the bedroom. I knew that Target was one of the retailers that was going to stock my stuff, so I decided to stroll by the software section. . .

There, right on the end-cap, RIGHT AT EYE LEVEL, was the now-familiar black box with ball-o-flame that is Fifty Big Badass Blazin' Windows 95 Games. Woohoo!

That's right folks. Not only was my product on the shelf, IT ACTUALLY HAD GOOD PLACEMENT! It wasn't a little jewel-case hidden somewhere in the corner, duct-taped to a font pack. It was the boxed version, sticking out in the aisle for the whole discount-shopping world to see!

Awright, do me a favor, folks. If you just happen to find yourself in a Target or Wal Mart in the next few days, swing by the software aisle and lemme know if you see it. I'm not sure if it'll be appearing in Wal Mart anytime soon, but you never know.

If you do decide to buy a copy, ship it to me. I've got a cool gold paint-pen for making limited-edition autographed copies which would undoubtedly fetch hundreds of dollars on Ebay :)

Finally, I made a long-overdue update to the official Code Zone web page. I updated all the screen shots to the new game versions, and I added a cool 3D box-shot to the products page.
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