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Thanks for the plug

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Thanks to Geoff Howland for plugging my games in his developer diary. I must admit, however, that I goaded him into doing it. Lemme explain. . .

A few weeks ago, he emailed me to boast of his fine scores in Shi Sen and Poker Patience. As a challenge, I gave him my personal Shi Sen high score (3:50) and the all-time high for Poker Patience, 105, a score that might as well be carved in marble because nobody else has even gotten close (it was made in 1992 and involved THREE royal flushes).

Anyway, Geoff recently emailed an updated set of high scores to me. At that point, I chided him for always praising the latest large-scale sim on his page while secretly playing my little games until he was bleary-eyed.

In short, I have "outed" another closet small-format gamer.

One correction. To order my games, call (310) 833-2000. Cosmi does indeed have a web presence, but it needs a little work (and that's being very kind). I haven't tried to order my games directly via the phone, so I can't verify how well their phone-ordering works. Of course, the best way would be to check out your local Target store. I've heard that they're on their way to Wal Mart, but I haven't seen 'em there yet.

I bought a couple of books on programming for Windows CE, as I've gotten reports from folks in the know that Windows CE is gonna be a Big Thing. I must say, it's awfully nice for a PDA operating system. It's got all of the Win32 stuff that made sense to put on a small format device, and a lot of stuff I didn't think would make it. They even added some niceties like a simple flat-file database and a simple HTML viewer for help.

Heck, I wouldn't mind having this thing running on my desktop!
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