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Ahh, the long Fourth of July weekend is over. Now I can get some rest! The wife and I spent all weekend driving everywhere, helping to set up a city fireworks show, and generally doing everything but getting some rest.

I got a good email back about my sprite library woes. Somebody in the know did confirm that doing a BitBlt under Windows CE ranges anywhere from deathly slow to glacially slow. Looks like my scheme of fiddling with the bits and doing a single BitBlt per frame is the way to go rather than the presentation's method of doing one or two BitBlt's per sprite.

I rather suspected this, because I don't think that any Windows CE machines yet have any kind of hardware assistance for video. It's basically back to the old VGA days when all you had was a bigass block of memory and no hardware support for anything other than the simplest operations.

I saw the Vadem Clio at our local Fry's last week. It is a seriously cool machine. It's good to see that people are finally thinking up interesting new form-factors for computers rather than the old form-factors (the very-small laptop and the Newton-clone).

They are still gonna have to make the screens tougher, though. I'd never put this thing in a briefcase with the screen facing out.
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