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Cormaniacs unite!

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Just a quick note today. There's an interesting interview with Roger Corman, father of the discount rack, on the ZineZone.

Almost as interesting as the interview itself is the fact that the interview is available in two formats. For each page of the interview, you can load up a RealVideo clip or you can simply read the text. While I started out with the RealVideo interview, I found that the text of the interview was much faster and easier to follow. I imagine that's some kind of metaphor that will eventually appear in a book by Cliff Stoll :)

One other note if you play the video. I dunno why, but Corman's voice sounds slightly deeper than Barry White in the clips. He actually has a rather normal voice.

In other Corman-related news, Kanakaris Communications has announced that they will start offering free streaming "movies of the week" from their site. The first movie that they will be playing is the Corman classic, Death Race 2000.

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