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Sorry about not having any updates in a bit. After that article I wrote, I decided to take a little hiatus from writing web pages.

The responses to the article have been very good. A few beginners thought it was spot-on and appreciated the overview. I had a couple of complaints from folks who thought I wasn't saying enough nice stuff about C and another person who keeps contending that C is not portable because the object code is not cross-platform. Can't please everyone, I guess.

One addendum, though. I didn't have many good assembly resources because I hadn't written any code in quite a long time. A reader pointed out that, in addition to the stuff I had, there is a very good book on assembly out there that's free. It's The Art of Assembly Language Programming. Consider yourself informed.

Still working on my CE sprite library. Much of it is ported over from my old code, but I still have to put together some test stuff for it. Voracity pretty-much works, but there was never really any animation in the game. I'll probably just throw some bitmaps on top and slide 'em around so I can get the whole thing working.
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