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Time off

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Just a note to let you know I'm not dead. I'm just resting!

Just got back from a week long vacation in Niagara Falls. Not specifically game-oriented this time; just something fun. In the aim of feeding yet another stupid and meaningless hobby, the wife and I went to the International Jugglers Association convention. Had a lot of fun, met lots of folks who've forgotten more about juggling than I'll ever know, and saw some terrific shows. If the IJA convention ever comes to your town, try to get into some of the shows. They are truly remarkable.

Note: The author regrets making a trite Monty Python reference in his opening sentences. It will never happen again.

Nextly, I'm sorry to see that the venerable RW Bivins has returned. This time, he seems to have gotten involved with the otherwise high-quality Game Programming MegaSite.

A bit of background on Bivins, pieced together as best I can. Bivins is/was a college kid. First he claimed to be the president of AIE Entertainment, a company that had the best-n-brightest VB programmers and Bryce artists on the planet, and he was presiding over a game that would take over the industry. one fine day, for reasons that were never really clear, he got a giant bug up his ass and posted the infamous "Death to the RGP Lamerz" post to rec.games.programmer. Later, he apologized to the group, claiming that he was handing over AIE entertainment to the other owners so that he could finish college and grow up a little. AIE Entertainment and the game that was gonna bury us were never heard from again.

Fast-forward six months to the beginning of 1999. Bivins had apparently made good on his promise to avoid pissing people off, when suddenly a post appeared in one of the new game development newsgroups. The post, sent by Bivins using a sock-puppet account, was an "interview" with Bivins, who was now claiming that he was making $60k per month in internet porn and would soon be taking the gaming industry by storm.

After the unintentionally hilarious "interview", he once again disappeared from radar screens (or at least he appeared to have --he changes email addresses as often as most people change their socks) until this week when I see that his new company, ShadowLore, is partnering with the GP MegaSite.

I sincerely hope that Bivins has truly changed his ways and is willing to contribute something more than childishness to the game development community this time around. If this is not the case, I hope he doesn't do permanent harm to the GP MegaSite. It's a fine site and, frankly, deserves better.
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