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Spent most of Sunday setting up my wife's official business web page. I think it turned out quite well. We tried to keep it simple, and not as stuffy as the web pages of other engineering firms. She made good use of the Whip plug-in (which is basically Acrobat for CAD drawings) to show off her work.

It's at www.civilgrrl.com. Be sure to let us know if you've got any comments. Shelly's a big advocate of getting girls to pursue science-oriented careers, so she plans to greatly expand the "hobbies" section with pictures of her favorite rocket launches, and she'll probably also add a developer diary. It'll take some work, but I think she might very well end up with the only civil engineering site on the web that's actually interesting :)

One neat free utility I found is called Buttonz & Tilez. It's a little wizard that lets you make buttons for your web page. The nicest thing about it, though, is that once you've got your button designed, you can just hand it a list of captions, and it will generate all of your GIF's in batch-mode. We used it for the blue buttons on Shelly's page.

Finally, the "Wonder Woman by Ruben" logo isn't quite complete. The designer, comic artist Shannon Wheeler, is gonna get rid of the wonder woman costume so the comic book cops don't get bent outta shape. Shelly found the original WW picture on Wheeler's page and loved it (her quote was "It's me in a Wonder Woman costume!"), so she wanted him to do a civil engineer version.
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