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As you can see, I've got a bit of a different look now. I'm making the long-overdue step of getting my own domain name, so I figured I'd revamp the web page a bit. Not many big changes, just a general streamlining. Made the text a bit more browser-compatible. Eliminated the book and tools sections (as all the links already exist in the devgames other sites section).

BTW, if you're wondering why I went with www.thecodezone.com instead of www.codezone.com, the answer is simple. The codezone.com domain name was originally owned by a one-horse web-design firm. He apparently defaulted on the name, and it was picked up by one of those big domain farms. They're perfectly willing to sell the name for $9000, so I went with the next best thing.

I'm currently in the process of revamping the original site. It won't look much different from the original. Just updated information and maybe some extra stuff like hobbies and fun photos.

Shelly's web page is pretty-much complete. We got the final logo from the comic-book guy. She added several photos to the hobbies section. It's now got pictures of the ill-fated PowerPuff, an 8-pound pile of phenolic and kevlar that hit about 15,000 feet before it dove into a cloud and was never seen again. When I get my latest roll of film developed, I plan to have photos of the Perfesser Fate II, which is a similar rocket that I put together at the same time.
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