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  • Random Observation of the Day!!!
    Taking a cough drop before you go to sleep leaves you with a really bad taste in your mouth when you wake up. Another odd thing (Observation #2) was that a couple of mornings ago, I was shocked to discover that the cough drop was still nestled in my cheek, after surviving eight whole hours of torment by saliva. That was... disturbing...

I bought a PS Multitap today so that my friends and I (have 3 friends staying at my house for Thanksgiving weekend) can play all together. Been playing Champions of Norrath as of late, but my bro is probably going to convince us to get assraped at (what was it... Madden 2005?) Football.

Oh, and I SUCK at Soul Caliber II. (Play Taki) I just can't seem to win... consecutively. Oh well. I own at other games (none that I can think of, actually).

And that blueberry pie (3.141592653...) I just ate was excellent. In fact, you should all go out and eat pi. Pie even. Whichever floats your rocker. Bubble. "Churches! Churches!" "A Duck!" "Exactly.. so .. if she weighs the same as a duck, then.. " "She's a witch!! Burn her! Burn her!!"

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Kilik's my favorite character in Soul Caliber (Link doesn't count since he's more of a special character - otherwise he'd be my fav). I used to have a job next to a mall, and my buddy and I would take an hour lunch there and then play at the arcade. I got pretty damn good with Kilik in Soul Caliber 1. That was a couple of years ago, tho. I've atrophied [smile]. Still have to pick up SC2 for GC... oooh xmas list candidate...

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Dammit.. I hate fighting Kilik! I can't seem to get frickin' close enough to kill him, especially when he equips a added range weapon.

And the fact that he can hit me as soon as the fight starts!!~ frickin...frick

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