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I don't have much to add to Geoff's points about the Microsoft decision. Here's my $.02.

I see the polls about Gates, and I wonder how many people are very well thought-out about the whole thing. I bet if you asked most people who want Microsoft "stopped" why they want that to happen, their arguments would be the following:

  • Bill Gates just has way too much money
  • He did bad stuff to a competitor, I think
  • Linux/MacOs/Be/whatever is better

Gates lost the case in the court of public opinion a year ago, mainly because he's the king of the hill, and people like the drama of the big guy getting defeated.

If I was Bill Gates, I'd leave Microsoft to the lawyers and the government. I'd watch the Great American Success Story of the 20th century crumble under the helm of a thousand bean-counters. I'd watch critics villify me for shirking my "obligation" to them to provide operating systems and applications, even though I gave 'em exactly what they wanted by getting out of the way.
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