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Animation Engining

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Just a couple of minor notes today. Did a little work on the animation engine when I could. I've got an odd crash bug on the CE machine. Crash bugs on the CE machines are a pain because you can't really report crash information to the debugger. On a regular app, you can just let the app crash, and the debugger will tell you where the crash happened. The CE remote debugger, unfortunately, can't report such a thing. You've gotta debug up to the crash, which is a bit of a pain.

Got a good book recommendation today. This is a new one called The Great Book of Domino Games by Jennifer Kelley. It's really the best book of domino rules that I've seen. It's got all of the classic games, and a lot of the new games out there, like Chickenfoot. It's also got the most solitaire domino games I've found anywhere. At the Amazon price of $5.56, this is a great deal if you're a programmer looking for a game.

Someday I'm gonna need to list all the books on my game-development library. A lot of people over the years have asked me "what's the best book about N?" Anyone interested in me putting up a list of the stuff that's made the grade over the years?

Warning: a lot of this stuff, especially the game rules compendia, are out of print. You're gonna need to really do some hiking to find all of it.

Finally, I have an addendum to my mention of the game Raj the other day. I went by my local MacFrugal's store, and they've still got about 20 copies of the game for $4 each. If you're interested in getting a copy for yourself and you don't have a MacFrugal's nearby, lemme know and we'll work it out. Personally, I intend to buy several copies as gifts.
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