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Goodbye forever!

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Happy happy! The batch file idea is working and my Java CGI is now reading and writing like a champ. I figure I shouldn't have any problem getting rid of all the server stuff. This should simplify the whole process greatly. I figure I'm just a few days now from having this thing ready to hand off.

I figure this'll be my last post of the week/month/year/decade/century/millennium, so I wanna wish everyone a happy new year/apocalypse.

I myself have been prepared for months. In my garage, I've got one of those metal ammo-boxes that I got free from an army-navy store. In it is a can of Spam and a bottle of water. I figure I'll be able to trade it for a car in about a week. Of course, that all assumes that I won't be Ruptured, which I fully expect to be.

Yes, I'm feeling rather odd this week. Off to get my robe and my "the world is gonna end soon, and I really mean it this time!" sign :)
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