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bugs, books, and report cards

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Got an odd little memory bug in my animation code. For some reason, it's writing over the sprite whenever the sprite moves outside the area designated for it. Unfortunately for me, though, the bug only shows up on the device itself, and not on the emulator. That means that I've gotta debug over the serial port, which is about as fast as an ox pulling a U-Haul trailer. It does work fairly well, though. I can step through memory just like if I was running an app locally. I put in some test conditions so that I can set the debugger to break right where the bug is happening, and I don't have to painfully press the "step over" button until I'm in the right spot. Should be able to see it working now.

But I'll worry about that tomorrow. It's getting late tonight.

Just put a couple of programming books out on eBay, including two books on OpenGL. Once again, check 'em out here.

I enjoyed the report card about girl game ads here. To the contrary, though, I don't find the ads offensive. I find 'em downright pathetic! The level of childishness is just so over the top that I sometimes wonder if it's just a big joke that the industry is playing on itself.
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