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If you notice that there's a lot of cross-pollinating between my page and those of Pat Down, Bryan Mau, and Thomas Burnett, there's a reason for that. You see, we're all old college buddies. We were all Computer Science students at Texas A&M at the same time. Bryan and Pat were class of '88, Thomas and I were class of '89.

I first met Bryan at A&M when I was a little ole' freshman. I had written a paint program for the Radio Shack CoCo in high school (originally made to help me make a graphical adventure game that never materialized) and put an ad in the big CoCo magazine of the time. It sold miserably (something like three copies, as I recall), but Bryan was impressed anyway. Bryan introduced me to Pat and Thomas, and we all became fast friends. I considered (and still consider) 'em to be some of the most talented programmers I'd ever met.

Thomas will also be quick to point out that much of my senior year was spent asleep in the La-Z-Boy in his apartment.

We've got a hundred odd stories, mostly involving funny noises, dwarves, beer, nudity, and dropping things down the stairwell at Zachry engineering building at A&M. Don't ever get us together in a room, as we have a bad tendency of thinking of stupid things to do, followed by actually doing them.

Also interesting is that the then-head of the A&M computer science department was obnoxiously vocal in his hatred of computer games. He had a one-hour senior level seminar class, and I remember about 1/4 of the lectures were about how computer games were a colossal waste of time ("an abortion", "a blight on our profession"), and non-computer games weren't much better. He once ranted for an entire hour about how he joined a chess club a few years ago, but had to quit because he found himself playing games in his head while he slept. Ironically, four of his more high-profile students are now in the computer games business in one form or another :)

My colleagues at gamedev.net have apparently gotten their GDC press confirmation. I haven't got mine yet, but I'm not too worried about it. I'll probably be putting together skeletons of the GDC expo coverage pages this week. I'll show 'em off when they're up.

The cable modem is officially outta here. I just couldn't deal with the @home downtime, so we replaced it with DSL. So far, performance has been just as good, and the uptime has been perfect. The phone-guy who installed it was also very helpful and was able to get me an excellent connection. Since we used to have two phone lines, he just hooked up the DSL to the no-longer-used second line. Since there aren't any phones left in the house hooked up to the second line, there was no chance that any of 'em could mess with the signal. I'm also quite close to the phone-switch, which is also good for bandwidth.

As an added bonus, the DSL modem hangs on the wall, so I don't end up accidentally kicking it all the time :)
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