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Well, I'm pleased to announce that Cosmi finally has a respectable web page. It's a bit slow, but at least you can now order products online, including Top 50 Big Badass Blazin' Games for Windows 95/98/NT/2000!

I also noticed that they've got a contest going on where you can submit your high scores to my games and win prizes! Given that I've gotten emails from some folks (Geoff, you listening?) who have bragged about some truly titanic scores on some of my games, I know that some of you out there can get their names on the board. There aren't any scores posted yet, so you've got a good opportunity to immortalize yourself early!

Only problem I see is that they don't mention which games qualify for the high score tables. Not all of my games are scored, you know. Since they don't have a list, I'll make up a list of games that would probably qualify.

Arcade Poker

Black Box Chess

Brain Bones


Cheesy Pursuit


Head-on Collision

Invaders From Neptune!


Neutron Trails

Olive Wars!

Poker Machine

Poker Patience



Shi Sen


Suzy Sushi

Think Tank



Zap Pod!

It should prove to be interesting. My only worry is that a lot of the games are configurable to make them harder or easier to play. For example, you can configure Ultimine to be absurdly easy by making a gigantic board with a very small number of mines. The tables, however, do indicate the difficulty you were playing, so you can't cheat and sneak an artificially high score into the tables.

At least I think you can't :)

I wonder if Black Box Chess should qualify either. In that game, your goal is to guess the position of five hidden chess pieces. You start out with 100 points, and you lose points for getting clues or making wrong guesses. Problem is, if you just put the five pieces up randomly, you would get it right every few dozen games, giving you a perfect score of 100. I guess we'll have to see. If somebody posts a 100 as a high score for Black Box Chess, they should probably disallow the game.

Also, one of my games has a bug that allows you to get unlimited scores. Fortunately for me, though, I am sly and wily and I'm not gonna tell you how to do it. Ha ha!
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