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cool card games

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Got another good game recommendation. This one's Lord of the Fries, and it's by the same folks who came up with Give Me The Brain that I mentioned earlier. My wife and I have been playing this one with some friends for the past couple of weekends, and it's a real winner. It's got a bit more strategy than Brain, but it's still a pretty light game for a group looking for something a little different.

If you can afford it, I'd recommend the deluxe version. One problem we've found with Cheapass games is that the cardstock is basically a grease-magnet, which is a problem in a proper card-game setting (beer, fritos, and dip). The cheap cards do tend to get grease-stained, but the deluxe cards are made out of coated stuff that does much better.

In any case, I'll probably be dragging 'em up to the GDC just in case. You just never know when a card game will break out during a conference :)
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