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Dilberitos, part uno

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In a last-ditch attempt to be trendy, Shelly and I invested in some Dilberitos.

For the uninitiated, Dilberitos are a harebrained idea by Scott Adams. He was worried about those poor geeks out there who were living in their cubicles and surviving on Ramen noodles, so he took some of the money he made from his funny comic strip and his mediocre TV show and he invented a new geek-food. As silly as it sounds, they do look quite good, so we ordered a few.

The question is, will a food intentionally targeted at geeks do well? Movies and TV shows that were intentionally targeted at geeks (Hackers, Dweebs) were only conspicuous by how miserably they failed.

Also, I am not aware that malnutrition is a real problem among cubicle-dwellers. While Adams himself weighs about 75 pounds soaking wet, most of the computer-types I know are built like the comic-shop guy in The Simpsons. I'm not holding out a lot of hope for 'em, but you never know. I'll post a review when they come in, which should be Friday.

The Win2k bugs appear to be fixed, I'm currently wrestling with another bug --my new CD-RW is screwing up all over the place trying to burn disks. I'm gonna try a couple more things before I throw the whole thing out the window.
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