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After a couple of delays, our Dilberitos finally showed up. Here's a review.


Size - Smaller than an average Taco Bell burrito, but larger than an egg roll. They're quite filling, though. One of 'em with a soda would make a reasonable meal.

Consistency - Not very burrito-ish. Lots of whole beans, corn, and veggie chunks packed in a tortilla. If you're not into vegetarian food, you might wanna look elsewhere.


Indian - The clear winner of the bunch. Spicy and tasty. If you like that spicy Indian stuff at the local buffet, then you'll like this. The sauce is sweet and is a good complement to the spicy burrito.

Garlic and Herb - Shelly liked this one. I didn't. Shelly thought the sauce was good, but I thought the whole experience was bland.

Mexican - Shelly hated this one, but I rather liked it. The included packet of salsa was pretty miserable, though --more like a spaghetti sauce than a spicy Mexican sauce. I recommend you dump the included sauce in favor of a packet of Taco Bell "fire" sauce. Yummy.

Barbecue - The overall loser. A bland burrito and a packet of bland barbecue sauce made this one far less than enjoyable. Even if I replaced the sauce with some good barbecue sauce, this would still be a loser.


Since we couldn't find 'em locally, Shelly and I bought the Dilberitos from Groceronline.com. Our overall experience with them was positive, despite delivery problems. Turns out they didn't anticipate the demand, so our delivery was delayed by several days. They made up for it by dropping the shipping charges and giving us a $10 gift certificate for our next order. We'll probably order from 'em again, as it looks like they've got some nice stuff available and they've basically got flat-fee shipping.
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