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GDC's over

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I'm finally recovered from the GDC. Just trying to wrap up a couple of projects here.

FWIW, I'm really not trying to be down on the other GameDev.net guys for the lack of coverage. I was just hoping that we could do better. Personally, I knew we had a problem when my pal Bryan sent me an email asking if we had technical problems or something that prevented us from providing decent coverage.

I was really hoping we could do better than Gamasutra and get on the map, but we dropped the ball.

A quick question for the group here. How difficult would it be to make a function that would rotate a bitmap in 3D Space?

I'm envisioning a member function of my bitmap class that does the following. . .

Bitmap Bitmap::RotateBitmap(Point &rOrigin, float degX, float degY, float degZ);

Basically this function would take the bitmap, rotate it about the given origin for degX, degY, and degZ, and return the rotated bitmap. Rotating about X isn't too difficult. I'm just looking for a way to do it around the other axes.

Oh, and I won't have access to 3D hardware. I'll likely be pre-computing the rotations, so they don't have to be especially fast.

Any ideas?
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