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Lessons I learned from The Phantom Menace

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Saw it in the theater a while back. Rented it this week. Thought it bore mention. . .

Lessons I learned from The Phantom Menace

  • If your method of transportation has lost power, no matter how badly damaged it is, you can get it working again by twisting two wires together or pressing a sequence of buttons.

  • If you borrow the theme, pacing, and camera angles from the "light-cycle" sequence in Tron, you can create an money-making franchise from a throwaway part of your movie's plot.

  • Computer generated puppets that talk funny are no more impressive than hand-puppets that talk funny.

  • You won't frighten people too much if your evil empire's armed flagships look like giant toilet seats.

  • George Lucas had more talent when he was broke.
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