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Your stupid games, stupid stupid!

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Have you ever played a game that was absolutely mind-numbingly stupid. . .then you played it again and again?

Well, I just found one of those. This one's called Pug Wars, and it's about as stupid as they come. You are an ugly little dog traveling around ten different locations in a city. You're also a pusher of doggie-toys (pug wars = drug wars, get it?). The object is to, in 30 days, pay off your money-man and make a ton of money buying low and selling high. Along the way, you have to deal with dog-catchers and you get to kick the asses of some french-poodles.

There's no graphics --just a grid of dog-products/prices and the occasional message-box informing you that the dog-catcher is on your tail. In fact, this game would do very well in text-mode.

Anyway, it's free and it's worth it for a half-hour of brainless fun, so give it a try.
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