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New EmBeDdEd ViSuAl C++

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Well, my copy of eMbedded (their capitalization, not mine) Visual Tools 3.0 arrived today. I was hoping that it'd arrive significantly earlier than the "early June" that they'd been claiming, but I guess I can't complain --you can't get much earlier in June than today.

Anyway, the following stuff is included on two CD's. . .

- eMbedded Visual C++

- eMbedded Visual Basic

- Handheld PC Pro 3.0 emulator (those CE-powered baby laptops)

- Palm PC 2.12 emulator (the old-style CE palm-clones)

- PocketPC 3.0 emulator (the new palm-clones with the new PocketPC OS)

- Online docs

Anyway, it seems to be working well. The new emulator takes some getting used-to, as the new PocketPC interface is pretty alien from the familiar 95-style interface of the previous products. The compiler, however, is familiar. Looks exactly like VC++.

In any case, it's a pretty damn good deal for $7.50 (shipping included). You can still order 'em here. Note that this product only compiles for embedded processors or the included CE emulators. You can't write standalone windows apps with 'em. You don't have to have a CE device to use it, though. You can compile for the emulator.

One other note. I'm selling off my copies of Ray Dream Studio 5.5 and Painter 3D. If you're wanting to get started in 3D, this is a damn good way to do it. Loads and saves 3D Studio MAX files, so it's worth a look. Check 'em out here.
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