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I gots a bug

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I need to ask a favor. Could everyone reading this go to the following page and help me test something. . .

1. Go to http://www.drdavebarnett.com/online_b.htm

2. In the applet, enter your name in the top box, any number in the second, and testing for the username and password boxes. This should log you in to take a test.

Now, you should get a screen that looks something like the following. . .

If you get this screen, just email me and tell me it's working just fine and that I'm the most talented programmer on the planet.

Some folks are bringing up the applet, though, and the navigation-buttons are missing from the bottom. Problem is, I can't duplicate it here, and I need to find someone who's getting the bug and can help me debug it. If you log in to the test, and you get missing buttons, please please please let me know, so I can work with you on getting the thing fixed!

The bug seems to be happening on Internet Explorer 4 and 5, and it apparently doesn't discriminate. It's been reported on 4 and 5. Haven't heard any reports of problems on Netscape, so I think you folks are safe.

P.S. Don't bother answering any or all of the questions, as you won't get a report (the reports are emailed to me by default). If you help me fix the bug, I'm sure we can get you a freebie if you're interested in testing your salesmanship abilities :)
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