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dem bones dem bones dem brain bones

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Ugh. Two weeks. Forgive the lateness of my reply.

Started on another game, as the whole preferences business is turning out to be a can of worms. It'd be simple except for the fact that there are sometimes preferences that depend on other preferences (like in Minesweeper, you can choose a canned size or make a custom one). Rather than wade into it right now, I decided to let it mellow a bit. Sometimes I come up with a brilliant idea when I let things sit for a few weeks and revisit them.

And sometimes not.

Anyway, I've started moving Brain Bones to my new platform. I'm doing Brain Bones next for a couple of reasons. . .

1. The layout will scale perfectly to handheld computers.

2. It'll bring in what is probably the last major piece of my class library -- drag and drop.

3. It's one of the most popular games in the collection. It's really simple, but very addictive.

On other fronts, I'm helping the lovely-n-talented CivilGrrl set up her office. Builder are probably gonna arrive this week to gut the garage and put an office in its place. Spent last weekend building a plastic shed in the back yard so we could clear out the garage (BTW, the 90-minute assembly estimate is a damn lie).

Also been combing the discount coupon-code sites (1, 2, 3, 4) for good deals on office stuff. Managed to get two file cabinets, two phones, some tack-strips (things engineers need to stick their drawings to the wall), and a buncha sticky notes, rolls of tape, and pens for a good price.

The UPS delivery-lady now knows us by name and insists that we get off the internet :)
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