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numbers numbers numbers

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Well, if my latest royalty statement is any indication, the era of my Expert/Activision games is at an end. My colleague Bryan asked me to put together some rough numbers as to how well the games did. These numbers are pretty rough (likely on the low side), but here they are. . .

24 Games (a.k.a. 24 Games for Windows, 24 Games for Windows 95, 24 Games for Windows and Mac)

265,462 copies

Arcade Magic (no known aliases)

60,925 copies

40 Games (a.k.a. 40 Games for Windows, 40 Great Games for Windows 95)

177,034 copies

Let the kudos begin!

  • A big salute to the folks who've emailed me telling me that they'll trade their souls for Bulldozer 3.

  • A big salute to the mom who called Expert complaining that one of the secret phrases in my Cryptograms game contained the word "horny".

  • A big salute to the couple of freemasons who were amused/dismayed by the fact that the level-60 password in Bulldozer is the "forbidden word" of 32nd level masons.

  • A big salute to Grandma Hattan, who couldn't understand why I didn't have any "real" card games, like seven-up.

  • A big salute to the Expert project manager who demanded that I remove an easter-egg from the "about" box that mentioned William Shatner's toupee.

  • A big salute to the Expert art team, who wanted larger credit in my "about" box for designing the box than I got for writing the games.

  • A big salute to the member of my Toastmaster's club who insisted that the pyramid playing-pieces in my games were "Satanic".

  • Last but not least, a great big Texas-sized salute to all of the unpaid beta testers and folks who have given me support in my quixotic crusade to put high quality games on the shelf for a low price. Hopefully I've given a few of the slightly-over-a-half-million folks who own my games a little fun, and you certainly helped.
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