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Got a couple of new screen-shots on the future-page here. I replaced the old Wari screenshot with a newer one that looks a bit better (the old one was admittedly ugly as mud). Also, I added a new screenshot for Brain Bones. I look forward to getting this one running on a handheld, as it's one of my favorites.

Activision owes me $41.09 and won't return my phone calls. It's good to see that one of the things they carried over from Expert was their winning commitment to developer support.

Got a new winner for the "won't be around long with policies like this" award. This one goes to Staples.

In their store-flyer, they're offering Peachtree Accounting for $150, but it's free after a $150 rebate. If you buy it online, though, you can get a $30 off $150 code from various coupon code sites, dropping the price to $120 and making the product run $30 in your favor after the rebate check arrives.

Only problem is that Peachtree is $149.95, and the coupon doesn't kick in until $150. To fix this, I bought a handful of yellow highlighter markers, thus putting the whole purchase into $30-off range.

Anyway, part of my package arrived today. The invoice said that they were out of Peachtree and canceled that part of my order. They did, however, deliver my markers. . .and my $30 off, crediting the remaining $26 to my VISA card.

Not bad if I must say so. It's not often I can buy stuff for a negative price :)
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