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I'm working on something secret.

No, really. Non-disclosures and everything. Somebody asked me to try something out for 'em. We'll see if it comes to anything.

Cool, huh?

I finally found my latest game-pack in the stores. Found 'em in a Staples not far from my house. It's no big deal; just the Cosmi pack with fewer games and selling for about half the price.

One interesting thing about the package, though. To save a few bucks, all of Starshine's products are on this CD. When you buy the package, you get the password to one product. Interesting thing, though, is that you can buy all of the passwords for $22 on their website. Not a bad deal, actually, as you can now own the entire discount-rack for under $25 :)

On another note, I got a few more emails from the guy who had the big bug up his ass about Think Tank. He posted under a different account to lend credence to his claim that there's actually a widespread movement afoot to kick me out of the game industry for actually releasing such an abominable game on society (apparently he's never heard of Daikatana). Well, after several foulmouthed emails, I finally got him to explain exactly what's wrong with the game.

I didn't realize this, but I spent a lot of time on Think Tank to make it cheat! Things like secretly slowing your tank down when its going around corners if bad guys are behind you, so you can't get out of the way fast enough. Stuff like enemies occasionally shooting invisible bullets, and several other sneaky cheats that I put in specifically to upset people who play the game a lot. He actually sent me twelve specific things my game does to cheat.

Much like all those secret backward messages in 80's rock music, you will start to see stuff that just ain't there if you look hard enough.
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